Update - Sending requests to Computer Professionals


Hi everyone,

I've sent in a few requests to get the ball rolling.  I'm very pleased to see that ASP (Association of Software Professionals) has approved a blog on their site to get feedback from software developers.  So I'll be posting updates there too.  I've also sent in a request to ISO.org, byte.com and AlphaSoftware for their feedback.  Will keep you posted!  Please, help spread the word so everyone can voice their opinions good or bad and even if it doesn't impact you today, it may in the future.



New Name Standards for ASP


I'm creating a new name length standards document for the purpose of sharing with software developers and vendors in hopes we can move our 1970's standard to the 21st century. 

This does take a considerable amount of time to consider the different industries, variations of "a name" used by professionals in a manner in which we do not see since it is part of the software application.  With my years of experience in multiple markets, I am creating a working document which can be used as a basis to help businesses support our long names!  It also has to have some flexibility because not all computer software languages and computer operating systems perform the same way.  In fact there are suttle differences between a windows operating system and a unix operating system. 

There are even differences between linux, red hat and ubuntu which were all written for unix systems.  So while the programming language may support one variation of a label or value, the operating system may not.  This is where we have issues with spaces in names or even the use of a dash in the name.  As a result, the issue goes beyond just adding more spaces to support a longer name.  We also need to figure out a solution to the characters which are not currently supported for whatever reason.  This may mean changes in yet another industry!!

Once I compile the list and it is, like I say flexible enough for programmers to work with I will post a document here for review.  If someone has comments or additions that they would like added, I'd be happy to entertain those requests.

Insurance Company Changes


Well folks, it happened again!  Yes, I was yet again a victim of my long name not being supported by an insurance company this time.  Because my wife and I had to switch home owners and auto policies to another provider we had to locate a new agent and in the process we found our new agent and he started to do all his paperwork.  Well doing the home owners policy was pretty straight-forward and uneventful.  Then we started on the automobile policies to be setup.  Turns out that this new company did not provide enough characters to support both our last names, so the agent had to go with the second last name "Madden" to start with.

He then called the insurance company and stated he registered me under Steven Madden even though my full name isn't shown.  He ended up speaking to two people and finally we thought that we could get it all squared away.  Well, it took about 4 times to repeat what it has to be setup with even though the person on the other line had my NC DMV records right in front of her with all 4 of my names shown.  She actually needed my agent to spell it out to her repeatedly.  I'm like, are you serious?

Well, about an hour and a half later, I got both the policies switched over and using the correct names, but it almost took an act of congress to get it completed.  Talk about a complete waste of time for something so simple that should just be supported!

And the fight goes on.  Stay tuned folks, as I've got some more updates coming on what I've been trying to get done.  -- Steve

Hospital Name Issue Response to complaint


I rcently spoke to someone at one of the hospitals we go to about our name issue and while the meeting went pretty well and sounded promising, here is the response we received.  I have blackened out the name to protect their identity as the issue is not necessarily with them, but with who provides their software.  Click here for letter


List of Markets with name issues

Stories, Market

Here is a list of markets that we have had issues with.  Do you have others to share?

  1. Town Hall - Registry of Deeds, Tax Records - Unable to support names with a space in them. Unable to support long names - Tax Records - our name is listed as MaddenMekkelsen because our last last name is Madden.  Don't you just love it?
  2. Cable Company - Had to drop off Mekkelsen, too long
  3. Wireless Telephone - Lost the last 2 characters of my name (Mekkelsen Madd)
  4. Local Bank - Changed their card name length as of 2012 and reduced it to 21 characters making us change our name on the card and losing one of our last names or making just our first name an initial "S".  So now both cards will have S Mekkelsen Madden. :-(
  5. Pain Clinic (associated with local hospital) - Unable to support the space in our last names.  Had to put both names together as one "MekkelsenMadden".  They say the server doesn't allow spaces as it is an AS400.  They couldn't even add a dash between them either.

That's all I can think of right now.  Will add to it as I recall the others. :-)

 Remember when posting to leave the organization name out of your comments.  Just list what they are as I have above.

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