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Update - Sending requests to Computer Professionals


Hi everyone,

I've sent in a few requests to get the ball rolling.  I'm very pleased to see that ASP (Association of Software Professionals) has approved a blog on their site to get feedback from software developers.  So I'll be posting updates there too.  I've also sent in a request to, and AlphaSoftware for their feedback.  Will keep you posted!  Please, help spread the word so everyone can voice their opinions good or bad and even if it doesn't impact you today, it may in the future.



New Name Standards for ASP


I'm creating a new name length standards document for the purpose of sharing with software developers and vendors in hopes we can move our 1970's standard to the 21st century. 

This does take a considerable amount of time to consider the different industries, variations of "a name" used by professionals in a manner in which we do not see since it is part of the software application.  With my years of experience in multiple markets, I am creating a working document which can be used as a basis to help businesses support our long names!  It also has to have some flexibility because not all computer software languages and computer operating systems perform the same way.  In fact there are suttle differences between a windows operating system and a unix operating system. 

There are even differences between linux, red hat and ubuntu which were all written for unix systems.  So while the programming language may support one variation of a label or value, the operating system may not.  This is where we have issues with spaces in names or even the use of a dash in the name.  As a result, the issue goes beyond just adding more spaces to support a longer name.  We also need to figure out a solution to the characters which are not currently supported for whatever reason.  This may mean changes in yet another industry!!

Once I compile the list and it is, like I say flexible enough for programmers to work with I will post a document here for review.  If someone has comments or additions that they would like added, I'd be happy to entertain those requests.

My first blog


Hello everyone and welcome to the It's not your name, it's my name, so don't change it Official Blog.  Here you can share you stories with everyone and voice your opinions (good or bad).  There will be NO judgements made here, only facts being posted and helpful information to be shared with everyone.

The goal as I've stated in the main website ( is to get new standards in place to support people with longer names or those with multiple first, middle or last names whether hyphenated or with spaces.  It doesn't matter.  The point is that now is the time for change since we are so computerized, yet our technology standards for capturing our names is still back in the 1960's and 1970's era.

What do you think?  What industry is your biggest issue?  What have you tried to get them to change?  What works and what doesn't?  All the questions are here, now is the time to share both the questions and the answers!

Bring it on my friends!!!


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