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List of Markets with name issues

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Here is a list of markets that we have had issues with.  Do you have others to share?

  1. Town Hall - Registry of Deeds, Tax Records - Unable to support names with a space in them. Unable to support long names - Tax Records - our name is listed as MaddenMekkelsen because our last last name is Madden.  Don't you just love it?
  2. Cable Company - Had to drop off Mekkelsen, too long
  3. Wireless Telephone - Lost the last 2 characters of my name (Mekkelsen Madd)
  4. Local Bank - Changed their card name length as of 2012 and reduced it to 21 characters making us change our name on the card and losing one of our last names or making just our first name an initial "S".  So now both cards will have S Mekkelsen Madden. :-(
  5. Pain Clinic (associated with local hospital) - Unable to support the space in our last names.  Had to put both names together as one "MekkelsenMadden".  They say the server doesn't allow spaces as it is an AS400.  They couldn't even add a dash between them either.

That's all I can think of right now.  Will add to it as I recall the others. :-)

 Remember when posting to leave the organization name out of your comments.  Just list what they are as I have above.

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