Our move to Lenoir, NC - a visit to the Town Hall


Here is one story for you.  My wife Sherri and I moved from NH to NC almost 8 years ago and purchased a beautiful red brick house sitting on 5 acres of land.  Granted, most of the land is a hill, but we still love our house none-the-less.  So, like any home owner has to do, we go to the town hall and register our property and get ourself into their system so we can pay our taxes on the property.  Pretty straight-forward right?  Well, in order for them to register our names in their system, they didn't have enough space for the last name for both our last names and their system didn't allow any spaces.  So they have to hyphenate our names, even though legally, it isn't hyphenated.

So, instead of causing trouble at the time we went along with their foolish ways of doing things and then they said oh, wait a minute, we don't have enough room to put both your last names even with the hypen in it.  My response, being a software engineer said..."excuse me?? what do you mean you don't have enough room for our name?"  She then said, we'll have to put your last name as Madden and drop the Mekkelsen.  Of course we were not too happy about that either, so we asked for a manager to come over.  He looked at the system and said, we do have room but we have to hyphenate the name.  After arguing with him about what our real legal name is for about 30 minutes, we finally gave in and said fine, whatever, as long as you plan to make changes to support our legal last name sometime in the future.  He agreed, and well, it's 8 years later and still nothing.  Guess it's time to stir up some trouble at the town hall!  :p

My first blog


Hello everyone and welcome to the It's not your name, it's my name, so don't change it Official Blog.  Here you can share you stories with everyone and voice your opinions (good or bad).  There will be NO judgements made here, only facts being posted and helpful information to be shared with everyone.

The goal as I've stated in the main website (www.itsmyname.info) is to get new standards in place to support people with longer names or those with multiple first, middle or last names whether hyphenated or with spaces.  It doesn't matter.  The point is that now is the time for change since we are so computerized, yet our technology standards for capturing our names is still back in the 1960's and 1970's era.

What do you think?  What industry is your biggest issue?  What have you tried to get them to change?  What works and what doesn't?  All the questions are here, now is the time to share both the questions and the answers!

Bring it on my friends!!!


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